Instructor: Prof. Stavros Avramidis

ObjectiveTo study in depth the relationships between wood and water, to examine the process of sorption and moisture diffusion, and the effects of moisture on various physical properties of wood. To prepare students to undertake post-graduate research in the areas of wood physics and wood drying.

Exams: mid-term and final exam

Assignments: weekly problems

problems: 30%
mid-term: 30%
final exam: 40%

Study topics:

  • Physical-chemical properties of water
  • Wood moisture and the environment
  • Theories of water sorption by wood
  • Hygro-expansion of wood
  • Moisture movement in the wood cell-wall
  • Application of irreversible thermodynamics to mass flow
  • Flow of fluids through the void volume of wood
  • Electrical and dielectric properties of wood
  • Thermal properties of wood

Wood-water relations, C. Skaar
Wood: influence of moisture on physical properties , J.F. Siau
Wood & Cellulose Science, A. Stamm
Dielectric Properties of Wood and Wood-Based Products, G.I. Torgovnikov

Various related papers from scientific journals

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